Sales Performance Associates is the world's leading sales and tactical marketing consulting company exclusively focused on the needs of global media technology companies.

Located in greater Atlanta, we help our media technology clients achieve sustainable, repeatable and predictable revenue growth by improving sales and marketing processes, methods and execution.

Our Media Technology Sales Conditioning methodology helps clients identify more and better sales opportunities; improve the size, qualification and velocity of their pipeline; enhance sales forecast accuracy; win more competitive opportunities; grow business within existing accounts and boost bottom-line revenue.

Studies show that 90 percent of the positive impact of traditional sales improvement programs is gone after four months. Interestingly, the same studies show that companies investing in programs similar to Media Technology Sales Conditioning significantly outperform their untrained or under-trained competition. That’s why Sales Performance Associates is the best option for media technology companies looking to improve sales results.

We help clients:

  • Benchmark their current sales and tactical marketing effectiveness with a detailed and objective top-to-bottom assessment highlighting what’s working and what’s not
  • Identify and address sales effectiveness gaps customizing modules of our Media Technology Sales Conditioning methodology
  • Insure that sales effectiveness improvements “stick” by delivering ongoing support and reinforcement

At Sales Performance Associates we:

What we do... Exclusively Serve Media Technology Clients

The media technology sales environment differs significantly from that of typical B2B company. We incorporate an intimate knowledge of those differences into our approach. We know the marketplace, influencers, key players and buying drivers. And, we continually stay on top of the technology and business trends that make today’s media technology sales environment so dynamic and challenging.

We exclusively serve companies who sell media technology hardware, software and/or services for acquisition, production, management, distribution and/or monetization of video, audio and/or text content. These clients typically have a complex, multi-tiered, high-cost sale with sales cycles of three to twelve months. They employ a variety of sales models; inside sales, direct sales, channel sales using re-sellers, distributors or systems integration partners - or combinations of these three. Client companies range in size from small start-ups to multi-national companies with revenues over $500-million.

What we do... Apply Our Direct Experience and Knowledge of Media Technology Sales

We've been in your shoes; from media technology sales to management to senior leadership.

In our careers as senior media technology sales executives, we have successfully directed multi-national sales teams responsible for tens of millions of dollars in sales. We have...

  • Personally sold millions of dollars worth of media technology hardware, software and services
  • Sold everything from virtual commodity purchases up to complex systems costing tens of millions of dollars
  • Sold complex solutions to stations, networks, national broadcasters, independent producers, syndicators, re-sellers, integrators and others
  • Won most of the opportunities we pursued, but learned lessons from those we lost
  • Lead the "biggest fish in the pond" and unknown start-ups
  • Worked in and managed sales organizations using every conceivable sales model

What we do... Create Best-In-Class Media Technology Sales Cultures

Many media tech companies were founded and are lead by engineering or technical experts. These visionaries are people who took an idea for a new or improved product or service are building a company based on those ideas. In many cases, they focus on the technical benefit their products and services represent but may have neglected - or underestimated the advantage of developing a disciplined approach to sales and tactical marketing.

Likewise, many media tech sales and marketing team members - drawn from technical ranks for their industry knowledge, contacts and situational expertise - may have never been exposed to modern sales methodologies. As a result, sales forecasts are weak, sales execution is reactionary, sales cycles are extended, sales pipelines are slim and poorly qualified, and sales margins suffer because price often becomes the single differentiator.

We help our clients develop and implement best-in-class sales methods and processes to help them differentiate from their competitors - not just on technical superiority - but also by engaging in a way that communicates that the sales team possesses a unique understanding of and solutions for customers’ business problems.

What we do... Create Teams of Trusted Advisors - Not Just Better Vendors

Sales teams that rely on a sales pitch model – based primarily on technical differentiation – will almost always be perceived by prospective customers as just another vendor whose only competitive differentiation is price.

Our clients develop sales teams who are valued as trusted advisors - professionals who add value (i.e., profit margin) and differentiation to their hardware, software and services by the way they engage. We help you field a team of experts who help prospects identify, qualify and quantify problems or opportunities; evaluate and prioritize options; design and deliver cost-effective solutions; and build high-margin, long-term customer realtionships.

What we do... Address Sales as an Enterprise Capability

We assess sales and tactical marketing effectiveness as an organizational capability; not limited to silos defined by department names and job titles.

We help companies establish a sales culture where everyone speaks the same language; communicates a consistent message; understands the corporate goals; and appreciates the meaning of the adage that “everyone is in sales.”

Founded by a Media Technology Sales Expert for Media Technology Companies

Widely-respected media technology sales executive Jim Cundiff founded Sales Performance Associates in 1998 to focus exclusively on helping growing media technology companies. Cundiff combined his experience as an award-winning broadcast journalist and marketing communications executive with more than 25 years of media and complex technology sales and sales management success.

His track record includes:

  • Director of worldwide sales and marketing for several production and automation systems companies - in highly competitive markets and during times of dynamic change. He helped lead each into unquestioned international leadership.
  • Leader of teams that secured major commitments from leading broadcast operations including CNN, NBC Network and O&O's, Fox Network and O&O's, NRK (Norway), ABC Radio Networks and O&O's, Swedish Broadcasting, Tribune Broadcasting, Cox Communications, Gannett, SIC (Portugal), Hearst-Argyle, VRT (Belgium), Sky News, CANAL+ (France), Nine Network (Australia), Christian Broadcasting Network and others.
  • Consistently over-achieving sales and profitablity goals in media technology and other industries.
  • Senior management and consulting success with Siebel, SEER Technologies, Scopus Technology, Baxter Planning Systems, Burson-Marsteller Public Relations and others.
  • Almost a decade as a broadcast journalist.

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