Fact: Most Sales Training Delivers Little Lasting Return

Recent studies show that 90 percent of traditional sales improvement programs have no measurably lasting impact after four months. Yet, many companies continue to spend lots of money on seminar-style, one-off sales training initiatives that end up being little more than cheer-leading sessions. Even when new methods and techniques are taught, these same studies show that most of those trained revert to their old ways within a matter of a few weeks due to lack of reinforcement and measurement.

That’s the bad news

Here’s the good news; the same studies show that companies investing in programs similar to Media Technology Sales Conditioning significantly outperform their untrained or under-trained competition with lasting and measurable impact.

That’s a big reason that Sales Performance Associates is the best option for media technology companies looking to improve sales results.

Media Technology Sales Conditioning vs Traditional Sales Training

So, how do traditional sales training and Media Technology Sales Conditioning compare?

Traditional Sales Training Media Technology Sales Conditioning
  • One or two day "drive by" seminar without follow-up reinforcement or recurring-remedial training
  • Three to nine month program to assess and address your critical sales challenges
  • Continuing hands-on contact and recurring and remedial training to make sure it "sticks"
  • Boilerplate topics using "sanitized" fictional or generalized examples
  • Customized program based on a thorough top-down analysis and using your real sales opportunities to address your real sales challenges
  • Instruction via PowerPoint
  • Typically fails to engage or be relevant to participants
  • Very low long term impact
  • Learn-by-doing approach that engages participants in workshops and exercises built upon their specific sales opportunities and challenges
  • Addresses roles in disconnected silo fashion (one program for salespeople, another for sales management, etc.) regardless of inter-related company-wide needs
  • Assumes that "everyone is in sales" and that executive management, sales and marketing management and front-line sales have connected and interdependent roles critical to sales success
  • Single "point solutions" to problems (e.g., prospecting, qualification, benefit communication, etc.)
  • Does little to help clients become more than "just another vendor"
  • Aligns the selling process with your customer’s specific buying processes
  • Links corporate goals to sales and tactical marketing methods and processes
  • Delivers a "new sales mindset" needed to change "dime-a-dozen vendors" into high-value "trusted advisors"
  • Uses a one-size-fits-all-industries approach
  • Ignores special circumstances of media technology sales environment
  • Built BY successful media technology sales and marketing leaders specifically FOR companies in today’s dynamic media technology marketplace

Successful companies understand that today's sales landscape has shifted. Information available to prospective customers before your sales team ever engages gives buyers far more power. Customers are less sensitive to technical speeds and feeds differentiation and more focused on finding and solving business problems or opportunities – which may be best solved with your hardware, software and services.

Sales teams who continue to rely on a sales pitch model may benefit from traditional sales training.  However, prospective customers may view many of these companies as just another vendor with a commodity product whose only competitive differentiation is price.

Modern sales organizations understand they must employ a conversation-based sales model – where sales teams are valued as trusted advisers. These companies add value (i.e., profit margin) and differentiation to their hardware, software and services by the way they engage with prospects. When an expert helps a prospect identify, qualify and quantify a critical business problem or a new opportunity; evaluate and prioritize options; and then design and successfully deliver a cost-effective solution it becomes harder to commoditize a proposed solution.

Media Technology Sales Conditioning helps sales and tactical marketing teams become those trusted advisers.

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